Watoto Canada

Watoto Documentary from Watoto on Vimeo.


Currently, Watoto cares for almost 3,000 children. To date, 159 of these have come full circle through the program and are now productive citizens. They have been given back the potential to fulfill their dreams.

They were rescued as orphans by social workers, nurtured and cared for by loving moms, educated by teachers, healed physically and emotionally by caring doctors and counsellors, spiritually discipled by pastors, and supported by generous sponsors and friends from around the world. It took a community to raise each one of these children.

Now, they have graduated from tertiary education and are responsible and productive adults, earning an honest living and helping to rebuild their community and country.

159 is only a small part of almost 3,000 children currently under Watoto’s care. 3,000 is a small part of the thousands of orphans still needing to be rescued in Africa.

As a response to this need, Watoto is launching the RAISED BY COMMUNITY campaign to increase awareness and support for the work we do to raise the future leaders of Uganda. It takes a community of positive influences to raise a child in any context. Won't you be a part of that community?